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One small classic trumpet song

Version by abnescio (1967- )


This song I played first on my trumpet in my teenages. I have this song recorded on cd, performed by the Russian trumpet player Timofei Aleksandrovich Dokschitzer and accompanimentet by piano.
I may tell some of my experience of Timofei Aleksandrovich Dokschitzer. He was a virtuous trumpet player, and he was used as a solo entertainer. His style was very fast handed and technical. As entertainer, he was used in both music recordings and on celebrating parties; then playing classical pearls.

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Timofei Aleksandrovich Dokschitzer (Russian: 13 December 1921, Nizhyn, Ukraine 16 March 2005, Vilnius) was a Soviet Russian trumpeter, Professor of Gnesins Musical College. He was the solo-trumpeter of Bolshoi Theater.
He started to play when he was 10 years old. He finished the Central Musical School and Gnesins Musical College. In 1947 he won the International Competition in Prague. In 1957 he finished the Moscow State Conservatory. He became one of the outstanding trumpeters of the world, who proved that trumpet can be a solo-instrument, as the violin or piano.
He played both classical musical compositions and modern concertos by Alexander Arutiunian and others. Some of his records then were re-issued on CDs. His very distinctive style and sound was born out of a love of Opera and his playing emulates very much that of an Operatic influence.