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Al Emmo and The Lost Dutchman´s Mine
© 2006 Himalaya Studios.

A comic & adventure game.
Play the little man and hero of this story: Al Emmo. He is single and 42, and want to find the girl of his life. He arrives at the town Anozira to date a girl. But when meeting Rita Peralto in the towns saloon, he fells instant in love with her. So to get closer to her, he must overcome a rival and explore the waste desert land, and uncover the story of Ritas father; the lost dutchman´s mine.

  • Tons of comic chats in this game, that make the smile come easy

  • Every scene of the game come with atmospheric tuned midi songs

  • Funny characters in the game with their own weird personality

  • CONS:
  • The graphic is a bit vague.
  • 1 screenshot:


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