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Doom Cabros Legacy musicfiles:

dcabrosledm2ttl    dcabrosletense    dcabrosle2014    dcabroslealta    dcabroslebandw    dcabroslebttbti    dcabrosleceof    dcabrosleciber    dcabroslecinfi
dcabrosleciuocu    dcabroslecrono    dcabrosledarmin    dcabroslederk    dcabrosledrm    dcabrosleef2001    dcabrosleextre    dcabroslefactor    dcabroslefred
   dcabroslehachi    dcabroslehedro    dcabrosleholle    dcabrosleinfer    dcabrosleintact    dcabrosleio    dcabroslejd2000    dcabroslekill    dcabroslelb    dcabroslemaque
   dcabroslemesc    dcabroslemetas    dcabroslemrgri    dcabroslenecrop    dcabroslenight    dcabrosleobsta    dcabrosleom3    dcabroslestruct    dcabroslesuicid
   dcabrosletempr    dcabrosletoxic    dcabrosletumul    dcabroslevanil    dcabroslewotd

Doom Cabros Legacy

Description: Cabro's Legacy is a compilatory megawad, created in the year 2014 as an homage to the Cabro's mapping tournaments. It contains maps from the top three winners from each year. These tournaments started in the now extinct Cabro's website in the Y2K, and were later continued in the Arcades3D website until the year 2015. They were organized by Cabro in their first entries; and later continued by the Arcades3D users Mojon Man and Wraith, respectively. Rules has changed over the course of time, but these maps are mostly in classic format, with the main additions (and the only two allowed, in later editions) being the sky and music.

All 42 maps included here must be understood and played as individual entries, because they were originally conceived as independent maps. Upon opening this megawad, you'll start the game in a "Portal level", from where you can access to all maps available. Credits: Eldraku: idea & project leader. VTM: portal map and WAD compilation. Charon: Titlepic. Wong and Zardoz found the older maps. Eye del Cul hosted the project in www.arcaded3d.net. Aluqah added MAP38 to MAP43 and updated the portal map. Base: All maps from scratch

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