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Doom DMP2012 musicfiles:
  ddmp2012adrian   ddmp2012ampie   ddmp2012count2   ddmp2012ddtblu
  ddmp2012dead2   ddmp2012doom2   ddmp2012evil   ddmp2012incit
  ddmp2012messag   ddmp2012messg2   ddmp2012romer2
  ddmp2012runni2   ddmp2012runnin   ddmp2012shawn3
  ddmp2012stalks   ddmp2012tense   ddmp2012theda   ddmp2012mus33
  ddmp2012mus35   ddmp2012mus37

Doom DMP2012 is a wad-file for ZDaemon.

Title: Doomworld Mega Project 2012
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/dmp2012.zip , dmp2012.wad
Size: 4320 KB
Date: 03/01/13
Author: Various
E-mail: thelastbreathofthedying@yahoo.com
Description: Harmata said it best: "I could've picked random wads from idgames and then combine them in a megawad and it would be exactly the same thing as this project."

The goal of this project was to get as many mappers as possible to contribute to a single project. All maps were accepted and nobody was rejected. This megawad contains 40 maps from 40 different mappers from the Doomworld forums.

VANILLA / LIMIT-REMOVING 01 Bean, by cannonball 02 Daemonum Malum, by DooMAD 03 GRBmaporgy1, by General Rainbow Bacon 04 Blood Lake, by glenzinho 05 Nukage Corridors, by Katamori 06 Feel the Pain, by MagnificentBeard 07 doomworldmatt, by Matt534Dog 08 Needs more Detail, by Obsidian 09 Water HQ, by omegamer 10 Circle of Imps, by Radromitry 11 dltexamp, by scorpion 12 Mirror, by Scypek2

BOOM 13 The Hive, by BaronOfStuff 14 Mountain of the Doom God, by dannebubinga 15 Omnivore, by darkreaver 31 Lounge Street, by Death Egg 32 Blood Octagon, by DuckReconMajor 16 Abraxas, by Ed 17 Into the Water, by elmle 18 Troll Fortress, by Fiend 19 Foe Complex, by fiend-o-hell 20 Fading Castle, by FractalXX 21 MappingWhileHighOnMountainDew, by gggmork 22 str1, by j4rio 23 Big Cybies House, by MSPaintR0cks 24 Surrounded Base, by neubejiita 25 Memang, by pcorf 26 This Map Doesn't Make Any Sense, by Philnemba 27 Space Corridor, by Phml 28 Iron King, by SFoZ911 29 sahkeh, by walter confalonieri

ZDOOM 30 Pricks, by BloodyAcid 33 Dust From the Past, by ForeverViLe 34 Round and Round, by Kappes Buur 35 Space, by KiLerZolika 36 Vernichten, by Krispy 37 A Doomed Base, by Rorix 38 The Space Base, by scifista42 39 Why, by TimeOfDeath

UDMF 40 Hellrena, sector666
Credits: id Software, Doomworld, authors of the programs and music we used, BaronOfStuff and Death Egg for graphics Base: New from scratch
Build time: from March 13, 2012 until December 31, 2012 (some edits were made in January 2013)

The musicfiles are retrived from id Software, Doomworld, authors of the programs and music they used.

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