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Doom Empyres Christmas musicfiles:
  demadrian   demampie   dembetwee   demcountd   demddtbl2   demddtblu
  demdead   demdm2int   demdm2ttl   demdoom   demevil   demincit
  demmessag   demopenin   demreadm   demromero   demrunnin   demshawn
  demtense   demtheda   demultima

Doom Empyres Christmas is a wad-file for ZDaemon.

Title : Empyre of Doom
Filename : empyre.wad + extra wad:   xmasmod12.wad
Release date : January 23, 2003
Author : Empyre
Email Address : empyre@halflifemapping.com
Other Files By Author :
Misc. Author Info : These levels are my complete Doom2 works. I made these before I had Internet access, so they have never before been released. I might be persuaded to make more Doom levels if these get rave reviews.

Description : You find yourself in a spaceport that has been taken over by hellspawn. From there, your adventures take you to the basement, a Nazi fortress, a lava cave, a castle, and the dungeon of the castle.

The musicfiles are retrived from other sources. And that Abnescio has composed and edited some of the musicfiles.

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