Doom Rekkr musicfiles:

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drekkre1m8    drekkre1m9    drekkre2m1    drekkre2m2    drekkre2m3    drekkre2m4    drekkre2m5    drekkre2m6   
drekkre2m7    drekkre2m8    drekkre2m9    drekkre3m1   

Doom Rekkr

To play 'Doom Rekkr' with the program zdaemon, you need 5 wadfiles.

1. doom.wad
doom.wad is the main game wadfile. That is; you must choose this game wad to play Doom Rekkr wadfiles, and thousands of other wadfiles. doom.wad can be bought on steam, on this webpage: doom Then download the zipfile zdaemon here: zdaemon program , and unpack it on the d: drive. (not c: drive, then autoupdate wont work.) Then run zdaemon.exe To setup and add other wadfiles, read this manual of zdaemon: zdaemon first time setup

2. The extra wads rekkr.wad and rekkr_zd_patch.wad
Download these from my page here: rekkr.wad and rekkr_zd_patch.wad

3. The addons wadfiles zds_addon_112.wad and zdsskinsv4.wad
Download these from my page here: zds_addon_112.wad and zdsskinsv4.wad

Add the wads in this order: first add the playgame file rekkr.wad, then add the fix for zdaemon rekkr_zd_patch.wad This fix wadfile rekkr_zd_patch.wad, makes the game 'Rekkr' to play correct with zdaemon. Then add the addons wadfiles zds_addon_112.wad and zdsskinsv4.wad which add graphic and skins to this game.
Just ask me if you need further help. Enjoy the magic!

3. To change map manually, use the command changemap. Ex: to change map to E1M3, then do this: open console with the key | then write: changemap E1M3 and press enter and then esc key, to close console. Press space to start the game.

1 screenshot:


Read about Rekkr

REKKR is a 4-episode total conversion, created by Matthew Little (Revae), with a full soundtrack created by Tom Jensen (HexenMapper), sound effects provided by TerminusEst13, additional textures by Chris Kassap (lupinx-Kassman), and additional mapping by Angry Saint, Brayden Hart (AD_79), Bzzrak Ktazzz, Chris Kassap, James Paddock (Jimmy), Jaws in Space, SuperCupcakeTactics, TerminusEst13, and Velcrosasquatch. The mod is distributed as both a PWAD for Ultimate Doom (or Freedoom, since all content is replaced it does not matter which one) and a stand-alone IWAD version.
Announced in September 2016, the mod was first released on July 10, 2018 and received its last update (v1.16) on June 15, 2019. On September 22, 2020, REKKR became the first TC to join the lineup of official add-ons for the 2019 re-release of Doom.

You're a rekkr, a viking warrior. Your kingdom is at war against a superior foe. As you return home after a failed expedition, your ship gets wrecked some distance from the shore. As you swim, you notice something is wrong: has the enemy come here while you were away? Except it doesn't look like it's occupied by a human army...
The rest is told as you go through the levels, and in the text screens at the end of the first three episodes. (The fourth episode consists of bonus levels and is not part of the story.)

Unless otherwise stated, all levels are by Revae.

Episode 1: Homecoming
E1M1: Sinking
E1M2: Down
E1M3: Flurrious
E1M4: Blade Swamp (by SuperCupcakeTactics, deathmatch arena by Revae)
E1M5: Fielding
E1M6: Rampart
E1M7: Dripstone Wharf (by lupinx-Kassman, deathmatch arena by Revae)
E1M8: Hazardous Coast
E1M9: Pop Some Hops
Episode 2: Downfall
E2M1: On Fire
E2M2: Drained
E2M3: Sequester
E2M4: Metal (by Jaws in Space and Revae)
E2M5: Marketplace (by Angry Saint)
E2M6: Magnus Avenue (by Velcrosasquatch)
E2M7: Mistory
E2M8: Audience
E2M9: Addle
Episode 3: Otherworld
E3M1: Isolation
E3M2: Claustrophilia
E3M3: Dungeon
E3M4: Acrophobinox (by AD_79 and Revae)
E3M5: Shine On
E3M6: Seeing Red
E3M7: Siege (by TerminusEst13 and Jimmy, deathmatch arena by Revae)
E3M8: Rok
E3M9: Begin
Episode 4: Bonus
E4M1: Village of Delusion (by Bzzrak, deathmatch arena by Revae)
E4M2: Ice Melt
E4M3: Quick
E4M4: Window Pain
E4M5: Mal Arena
E4M6: Cliffusion
E4M7: Dance Macabre (by Velcrosasquatch)
E4M8: EyeBrawl
E4M9: home.wad

All music by HexenMapper.

Episode 1
E1M1: "Loss"
E1M2: "Revenge"
E1M3: "Gavotte"
E1M4: "Salt Marsh"
E1M5: "Hardanger's Lilt"
E1M6: "Zero Kelvin"
E1M7: "Membrane"
E1M8: "Fast Dance"
E1M9: "Hops Harvest"
Episode 2
E2M1: "The Shores of Suffering"
E2M2: "Desperate Cause"
E2M3: "Fabric of Space"
E2M4: "Nordic Grind"
E2M5: "Hall of the Fallen"
E2M6: "The Capital"
E2M7: "Way of Wist"
E2M8: "Dancing with Runes"
E2M9: "Умирающая река" ("Umirayushchaya reka", Russian for "dying river")
Episode 3
E3M1: "Intramural Abyss"
E3M2: "Close Action"
E3M3: "Chained Remains"
E3M4: "The Reeds Unbending", first movement
E3M5: "The Reeds Unbending", second movement
E3M6: "The Sorrow's Cry"
E3M7: "Centerpoint"
E3M8: "Eternal Fire"
E3M9: "Begin"
Endgame music: "Dance of two fates (End Titles)"
Other tracks
Intermission: "Misshapen Grandeur"
Text screen: "End Episode"
Title screen: "REKKR Title Track"
The wad contains two different D_INTER lumps. The first one, lasting less than 9 seconds, is never heard in-game since it is superseded by the latter one, and it does not have a known title.


Axe (chainsaw slot)
Soul bow (pistol slot)
Steel-shot launcher (shotgun slot, tech column replacement)
Soul gun (chaingun slot, dead imp replacement)
Runic staff (rocket launcher slot, acts like a grenade launcher)
Holy relic (plasma rifle slot)
Blessing of the Gods (BFG 9000 slot)


Giant disembodied eyeballs. They attack by charging, but they can also resurrect slain monsters all day long. (Lost soul replacement) Former humans
Emaciated zombies wearing not much more than a loincloth and a spiky helmet. They drop soul ammo when killed, but their souls do not linger on this mortal plane for long. (Zombieman replacement)
Former human grotesques
Bloated carcasses where the face was replaced by an enormous maw, from which they belch fire. Drops soul ammo. (Wolfenstein SS replacement)
Health mimic
Masquerading as health potions, these small monsters wait in ambush for wounded people to come in range of their sharp, serrated teeth. (Commander Keen replacement)
Malformed gray humanoids, with spikes for harms and hooved feet. (Demon replacement)
Mean husks
Just like the husks, but with twice as many hit points. (Spectre replacement)
Big jawless floating heads, which carry orbs of fire below them, which they can shoot. When killed, they and their meaner counterparts both explode and deal splash damage. (Imp replacement)
Mean imps
Just like the imps, but much tougher with over twice as many hit points. (Revenant replacement)
Mean jackalopes
They're fluffy pink jackalopes, but don't try to pet them: they're rabid and want to nibble you to death. They do not drop health essence, either. (Arachnotron replacement)
Turrets made out of bones and magically enchanted to shoot fireballs at you. They do not move but they shoot relentlessly. (Arch-vile replacement)
More robustly-built versions of the skeleturrets. (Chaingun replacement)
Former dukes
They had high office back when they were still human, now they rule over monsters. Throw rows of flaming skulls at you. (Mancubus replacement)
Large floating heads with two stubby arms. They shoot homing projectiles. (Cacodemon replacement)
Tree beast
They look just like dead trees, but they're actually weird mutant beasts which can spit green balefire snakes. (Baron of Hell replacement)
Skelly bellies
Plus-sized skeletons, they summon giant eyeballs to throw at you with abandon. (Hell knight replacement)
Gigantic floating skull spiders with a giant eye in their abdomen, which they release upon death. Skelespiders will also shoot green bale fire snakes. (Hanging body with no gut replacement)
Former king
This used to be your liege. Not anymore. (Chaingunner replacement)
Death raven
Lord of the Underworld, ruler of the damned. Your enemy. (Cyberdemon replacement)
Eye spawner
One of the giant eyeballs, impaled on a spike. Summons eyeballs endlessly. Utterly indestructible. (Dead lost soul replacement)
Harmless antlered bunnies, when killed they drop health essence which restores 10 points of health. (Shotgun guy replacement)
Harmless friendly puppies, trapped in this monster-infested world. If you free them, they follow you around until you lead them to safety. In doing so, you can find useful items. (Evil eye symbol replacement)
DeHackEd is also used to create many other special effects, such as crashing ocean waves, leaves blown by the wind, crows taking flight when they see you, and so on.

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