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Doom Vanguard musicfiles:
  dvangbetwee   dvangcountd   dvangddtblu   dvangdead   dvangdm2int
  dvangdm2ttl   dvangdoom   dvangincit   dvangrunnin   dvangshawn
  dvangstalks   dvangstlks2   dvangtheda   dvangtheda2

Title : Vanguard
Filename : Vanguard.zip
Release date : May 11 2011
Author : Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw)
Email Address : pgdebruyne@gmail.com
Misc. Author Info : Makes maps for Doom
Description : 12 Boom format levels for PrBoom+, ZDoom, or Eternity. A
bonus 13th level is included for laughs. Inspired by Speed
of Doom, Scythe 2, Alien Vendetta, and Plutonia.

Originally Vanguard was intended to be a 32-level speedmapped
megawad inspired by Speed of Doom's development cycle and
Scythe 2's episodic structure.

Additional Credits to : Vanguard includes graphics by:
Eriance : Fredrik Johansson
Janitor : DaGGeR
Ola Bjorling : Vader
XDelusion : Esselfortium
RottKing : Nuxius
Afterglow : AgentSpork
Enjay : Huy Pham
SargeBaldy : Tormentor667
Iikka Keranen : skillsaw
GothicDM Team : Requiem Team
Eternal Doom Team : id Software
Raven Software : Rogue Entertainment


Vanguard includes music from:
Title Music : Tales of the Abyss
Intermission: Rise of the Triad
Map01 : Blood
Map02 : Castlevania: OoE
Map03 : Duke Nukem 3d
Map04 : Duke Nukem 3d
Map05 : TNT Evilution
Map06 : Journey to Silius
Map07 : Rise of the Triad
Map08 : Gundam F-91
Map09 : Rise of the Triad
Map10 : Duke Nukem 3d
Map11 : Xenogears
Map12 : Xenogears

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