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Next Life
© 2007 Future Games s.r.o., licensed exclusively to DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.

A story adventure game
Adam Raichl is instantly killed in a horrific accident when his SUV suddenly collides with an oncoming truck. But, did he in fact die? Astonished to awaken in the presence of others, Adam realizes that they are all stranded on a large and desolate island. Why does everyone talk about historical events as if they just happened yesterday? Why are mysterious messages hidden all over the island waiting to be discovered? Why does everyone fall asleep when the bell tower rings three times? What Adam first thought was a dream turns into a dark, disturbing reality and a thrilling mystery that he must untangle if he ever wants to unlock the secrets of Next Life.

  • A dramatic story with thrilling situations

  • Action and problem solving go together and make an engaging adventure

  • A game where the main case is to solve by thinking

  • CONS:
  • The graphic is not in 3D. I think that adventure games have the potensial of being played in 3D, and problem solving will be more exciting than ever

  • 1 screenshot:


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