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Nikopol: Secrets of the immortals
© 2008 Got Game Entertainment.

A puzzle adventure game
As Nikopol, you find yourself in a suspenseful adventure to find your father and thwart a dangerous conspiracy. Entangled in political intrigue you are caught between two worlds, one of anarchy and one of Immortality. Paris 2023. For citizen Nikopol, the city is now a maze of mysteries, secrets, and clues that must be explored as he learns his missing father may be alive, a possible pawn in a looming political battle of revenge and death between a power-hungry dictator and the Immortals. Does his father live? What dark plot leads him to this place?

  • Challenging puzzles to solve

  • The graphic is rich on details

  • Enjoy atmospheric music as we explore this adventure

  • CONS:
  • The game is rounded in about 30 hours

  • 1 screenshot:


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