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Snow is coming

Snow is falling, again, from a dark-black heaven.
The coldness makes a burst of white-damp waterdrops -
from breathing lungs.

Walking on the snow into the mountain hall.
Pure alone in a grid of floating snow crystals.

The wind starts sounding, and a load of white and dusty snow whirls -
covering my face.

It is time for returning - walking home to shelter -
Logs of dry birch make a play of running sparks of fire.
Outside a snowstorm races, and sings a symphony of snow and ice.


music and poem composed by © Abnescio

A song and its poem made by Abnescio. The season for snow, ice, darkness and coldness is coming. This composition gives a sensation of wintertime. Parts of everybodies lives are involved with winter seasons. It is time for inside work and waiting for the sun to return.