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The Doomsday

And now the humanity stands before The Armageddon
No one can be saved in this Fallout
How strange it is
- humans are alike -
but we are fighting each other

What are the reasons for this downfall of humanity?
Brainwashing, lies and poisons
hate, murder and betrayals

Could humanity raise again from the ashes,
after The Doomsday?
Little will be left of us;
a new era for other species is evolving.


music and poem composed by © Abnescio

A song and its poem made by Abnescio. Our world has its turmoils and wars. This composition is made for the listeners to wonder on The Doomsday. Could it be that the humanity is going to its termination? Are we lost, though we are so alike. What are the reasons for this Armageddon?
Many questions appear, and many more than I may unfold or foretell. My main quest with this composition is as I told; it will make us ponder on what The Doomsday is.