The Good God

The formula to explain is:

The Good God m9 = The Universe m6 * Heaven m3

This formula shows that The Good God is present in The Universe and Heaven simultaneous. The Good God has created The Universe. And exists in the m9 dimension called Heaven. See now the figure 1 of The Good God formula:

A being with a soul dies on earth. The soul travels through a light tunnel to the dimension called Heaven. Here the soul is surrounded by a talking light; The Good God. The soul asks: - 'What has happened?' And The Good God gives the explanation; all the lies, murders, love affairs and the solution to every problem. Everything explained. Then the soul asks: - 'Who am I? What have I become?' And the Good God shows wholly what this soul is. Then the Good God says: - 'I have now created a world for you, where you belong.' And the Good God sends the soul to this world. To the land on the other side.

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